Breastfeeding mother gets ride in target cart in viral photo

Breastfeeding mother gets ride in target cart in viral photo
Source: abcnews
Date: 06-10-2016 Time: 02:10:22:pm

It was just another day at Target for the Solito family. But an impromptu photo has since made that trip anything but ordinary.

Danielle Solito's 15-month-old daughter, Emma, was fussy. But her 10-year-old daughter, who was busy shopping for toys with the Target gift cards she had gotten the day before for her birthday, wasn't ready to go.

So Solito's husband grabbed a cart and started pushing his wife and daughter around while Emma nursed.

Her mother-in-law, the San Jose, Calif. mother of two said, was "cracking up. She was bending over she was laughing so hard. Then Emma props her foot up. She thought it was hilarious." So she snapped a photo and Solito shared it to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page. It's been liked thousands of times since.

Solito thinks the photo has resonated with people because "it shows a husband being supportive, pushing us around, rather than having us go somewhere else."

Her decision to breastfeed the baby while staying with her 10-year-old is also striking a chord. "There's a huge age gap and our kids are on totally different pages," she said. "This was a way I could stay present with Ava."

Still, she had no idea her photo would get so much attention when she shared it. "I'm just all for supporting other breastfeeding moms," she said.

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