McDan Group Limited Chairman has revealed that the shipping company is one of the many companies that have been negatively affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daniel McKorley in an interview with JoyNews indicated that with his company operating from 2,500 ports worldwide, the spread of the infectious virus has made it impossible for him to move cargoes and containers at certain ports.

He has, therefore, initiated a process in search of local producers of hand sanitisers as he pledges to support persons who are selected to produce the item for the market.

“Whatever quantity they [the selected people] produce is very important for this country at this particular time. So what we [McDan] are doing is to try to support them,” he told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba.

The initiative which is to empower local content production will involve screening of participants’ proposals and verification of sample products by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

“Very soon alcohol importation will be stopped, so we are looking at local alcohol other local base ingredients that can be used to produce sanitizers.”

Since the Health Ministry announced that Ghana has recorded cases of coronavirus, there has been a mad rush for the product while the prices skyrocketed.

In view of this, Mr McKorley noted that the initiative is to also solve the scarcity of the item on the market as the country combats the dreadful pandemic.

“McDan stands for finding solutions, so right now we are finding a local solution to solve global problems. We can support companies to produce hand sanitisers locally with local ingredients and export to other countries.”

“Interacting with some of the participants, they were hopeful that they will be selected to produce the commodity to solve the current predicament the country is facing.

“If I am selected I would be able to produce [the item], with the funds and support I should be able to do that,” one participant said.