Security Analyst Prof. Kwesi Aning says Members of Parliament have not worked enough to make demands for personal security.

His comment comes after 800 security personnel were deployed to Parliamentarians.

Following the murder of Mfantseman MP Ekow Quansah-Hayford, Members of Parliament reignited calls for security personnel to be assigned to them as done for Ministers of State.

Their calls resulted in the Interior Minister providing each MP with three police personnel.

But speaking on Newsfile on Saturday, Prof. Kwesi Aning said MPs, seeking protection for themselves when the problem of insecurity in the country has not been tackled is unfortunate.

“If we listen to the discourse coming from the MPs concerning the provision of security, I don’t think the issue is about what they are not getting.

“The public concern is that providing exclusive security for Parliamentarians within a broader context of insecurity does not help them.”

He also raised concern over the level of seriousness MPs attach to their work, stating that, this has been appalling over time.

According to him, the level of absenteeism portrayed by these MPs in Parliament have also increased, hence the lack of public support.

“Engaging Parliamentarians and encouraging them to take public security as a critical aspect of their work within the general context of insecurities cannot be reduced to transactional love,” he added.