Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery

Interior Minister Ambrose Dery has dismissed claims of insecurity in the country.

His comments are in response to increasing concerns about public safety, with regards to Tuesday’s announcement in Parliament that government is set to deploy 200 Police officers to serve as bodyguards to MPs.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, the Interior Minister explained that this year’s crime figures have seen a significant drop due to increased security presence, as compared to last year.

“We have an improved system, even though the streets were generally being protected. For instance, when we work the impact of our ‘Operation Calm Life’ on September 20, findings are that there is a heap drop in criminal cases because of increased deployment.

“By August, places like Accra had seen a reduction of armed robberies by 53%, whereas the country had generally recorded a minimum of 10%” he said.

Meanwhile, Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye (retired), has said government’s decision to provide personal security for MPs will come at a cost to public safety.

He said the move will deny other state security offices of personnel.