Acting National Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Alhaji Imoro, has lauded the contribution of the private sector in advancing the cause of the scheme.

He says the Secretariat has through partnership received support from a number of private companies to provide office and residential accommodation for personnel.

Alhaji Imoro believes other state institutions should explore such collaboration to reduce the pressure on central government for improved service delivery to the citizenry.

The NSS has over the years seen an increase in the number of service personnel from about 2,000 at inception to about 80,000 presently.

Major challenges confronting the scheme include office accommodation and shelter for personnel especially in the regions and districts.

Relying on central government in solving all problems appears to be an unworkable option for financial reasons.

The Ashanti Regional Directorate and local construction firm, Naachia, as well as Lina–Bigma Company, house equipment suppliers, have teamed up for mutual benefit.

The two private companies have renovated and furnished the entire building housing NSS regional secretariat at the cost of 18,000 Ghana cedis.

At the commissioning ceremony, the regional director, Mr. Kwasi Quainoo also underscored the importance of public-private partnership.

“Whiles government continues to pay national service allowances, staff salaries and other operational expenditure, we found it very imperative to embrace the concept of public-private partnership by approaching some private businesses for our office expansion based on symbiotic reasons”, he stated.
Mr. Quinoo entreated other public organizations to collaborate more effectively with the private sector so as to realize the huge potential in the concept of public-private partnership.

“This will go a long way to accelerate the pace of development in our country”, he said.

Alhaji Imoro has congratulated personnel who have just ended their service period, and advised them to eschew mediocrity as they enter the job market.