New York public meats Lady GaGa

The Born This Way star, who famously wore a dried meat dress to the 2010 MTV awards, caused a commotion on the streets of New York on Monday as she grabbed a hotdog from a street vendor.

Wearing weird glasses, which resembled ancient Egyptian sundials, she was sporting a beehive and long white hair as she wrapped up an outdoor photoshoot.

And crowds gathered nearby as she tucked into the fast food snack, smothered in mustard, on the way to a waiting car.

Earlier, she suffered a nipple slip as she posed in a lowcut black dress in a boat for the Vogue pictures, shot by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz..

In other shots, she was pictured in a gold lace and fake fur dress.

And her hairpiece had so many feathers it looked like a flock of birds had landed on her head.

To finish off the look, the outrageous 25-year-old, real name Stefani Germanotta, teetered in incredibly high tower heels.

But the height of the shoes proved too much even for platform princess Lady GaGa.

A bodyguard was forced to carry her around the set of the shoot as she was unable to walk.

GaGa changed her outfits several times throughout the day, posing in a red dress with huge sleeves and more tower heels, and draping herself over a security barrier in a black and white ensemble.