The Nandom Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) has debunked media reportage particularly from the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) about the purported installation and enskinment of a new paramount chief for Nandom which was aired on January 13, 2022.

The Municipal Security Council in a statement to the press and signed by its chairman, Raymond Nero stated that ‘‘to the understanding of MUSEC and all stakeholders involved, the process for enskinment of a new Paramount Chief has not been concluded since the demise and performance of the funeral rites of the late Nandom Naa, Naa (Dr.)Puoure Puobe Chiir VIII.”

They are therefore urging all interested parties to remain calm, committed to the roadmap and “let us work together to see to a peaceful resolution of all the outstanding issues to pave the way for the ceremonies for enskinment of a substantive Naa.”

The statement also cautioned all who might have been misled by the said misrepresentation on GBC to desist from spreading any further information or doing anything that may fuel unnecessary tension or breach the peace in Nandom.

‘‘All media houses and other media platforms are particularly urged to be extra circumspect in reporting matters relating to a new Chief in Nandom.

“If it is necessary at all, an in-depth investigation, checking and double checking should be done before putting out any news piece or report concerning the Nandom Paramountcy and the process for installation of a New Chief.

“At the appropriate time, a new Paramount chief will be installed to the glory of the people of Nandom but until then, let us remain steadfast in holding the peace and trusting the process to come to a peaceful conclusion,’’ the statement concluded

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