A leader of a group said to have links with the Invincible forces of the New Patriotic Party has justified the decision to take over the toll booth on the Ashaiman end of the Accra Tema motorway.

Mohammed Ali, said the decision was to stop what they suspect was the looting of funds by officers of the toll booth, especially with the defeat of the governing party.

He told journalists shortly after the takeover that his men went to the booth to monitor events but they saw officials tampering with the monies being collected and so they had to intervene.

According to him, with few days for the Mahama government to hand over power, the possibility of officials at the booth stifling funds was high.

The group seized monies collected by officers at the toll booth and allowed vehicles free passage, Monday morning until the police intervened.

"When we came here this morning, we came to monitor. So those people saw us and they decided to take the money from the coffers. So we blocked the money. We put it in our car booth till the police came. We could have moved the car and go but because we don't want anyone to say anything bad so we held on," he narrated.

He said they have had to return the money to the police.

The Spokesperson of Tema Region Police Command ASP Juliana Obeng in an interview would not say whether the group attacked the officials at the toll booth except to say there was a "situation" which was brought under control.

She said there has not been any arrest because the police did not want to make the situation even more chaotic.

"There hasn't been any arrest yet. The reason being that in situations like this it is important that you do not arrest so that other factions don't come in.

"At this time we use the intelligence led policing," she indicated.

The invasion of the Tema Toll booth by persons linked with the NPP is one more case of post election violence across the country which have seen one person dying in the Central Region, and three others getting injured.

The NPP has issued a statement condemning the attacks and the president, John Mahama has directed the police to arrest persons who are fomenting trouble across the country.


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