Advocates for Christ Ghana, (A4CG), has reminded LGBT+ Rights Ghana that the interpretation of the laws of the country is not subject to the prejudices of lobbyist organisations.

This follows the recent outdooring in Accra of the Office of LGBT+ Right Ghana on January 31, and the subsequent release of a press statement by the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values on February 11, 2021.

A4CG noted that “Whereas the former group, by its event, sought to provide a rallying point for garnering and entrenching open support and normalisation of homosexuality in Ghana, the latter, by its statement, seeks to counter such efforts by rightly proclaiming that there is nothing humane about blurring the lines in human sexuality nor in redefining same, while pointing out the position of the laws of Ghana on homosexuality.

Based on the above reason, the Advocates for Christ movement are prompting the LGBT+ Rights Ghana of the laws of the country on homosexuality.

A4CG also, challenged the government “to safeguard the laws of the country and resist attempts by any entity  by any entity – local and/or foreign – to misinterpret and, worse, rewrite our laws; laws that give due regard to the cherished culture and social values of the Ghanaian people.”

A release by the Association stated that A4CG will oppose any entity attempting “to impose LGBTQIA+ tendencies and ideologies on the nation under the pretense of human rights will continue, regardless of any name-calling antics by organizations such as LGBT+ Rights Ghana.”

“We continue to diligently monitor that space and assure all entities that any attempt to introduce any aspect of such ideologies into our schools will be firmly resisted by the good people of this country,” the statement said.

The statement noted that the group continues to keep an eye on the activities of all human rights organisations who are violating the laws of the country as well as disregarding the culture and religious expression of the people of Ghana by encouraging the LGBTQIA+ ideologies.

“We are also watching the activities of some organizations who, in violation of the laws of Ghana and in disregard for the culture and religious expressions of the Ghanaian people, appear to be promoting the LGBTQIA+ ideologies and practices in various communities. We shall call such organizations out when evidence of their activities is at hand,” the release indicated.

The Association further commended the Minister-designate for Foreign Affairs, Madam Shirley Ayorkor Botchway, “for rightly serving notice that our power to preserve our cherished cultural values will not be placed at the mercy of foreign powers.”

A4CGM affirmed that the God frowns on behaviours like homosexuality, adding that such behaviours are detestable to God and destructive to humans.