The Asamankese Circuit Court has sentenced a 31-year-old palm wine tapper to 60 days imprisonment for possessing firearms without authority.

He will serve his jail term in hard labour. Charles Norvor, the convict pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted on his plea.

According to the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Samuel Appietu Appiah, the complainant is a Police Officer in Asuom. The accused also resides in the same town.

He told the Court, presided over by His Honour Abubakari Abass Adams, about the rise in crime, especially robbery, in Asuom and other communities.

He said on August, 5, a robbery case which led to the death of one person while other people lost their properties, was recorded in Asuom.

The Police, the prosecutor said, therefore, intensified investigation in Asuom and other communities, and on August, 24, Police in Asuom had Information from Amankwakrom that the convict has a single-barreled gun in his possession.

The Police went to the house of the convict and retrieved the gun from him.

Chief Inspector Appiah explained that, upon interrogation, the accused admitted ownership of the gun, but said it was bequeathed to him by his grandfather.

It was established that he had no documentation authorizing him to use it.

After investigation, the accused was charged and arraigned before court for prosecution.

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