A pastor has been shot dead as rampant armed robberies in the Ga South municipality have left residents restless.

The pastor of the White Cross Church, Zacheus Olatu Bosu, was killed Monday night after he encountered the robbers and tried to question them.

They sped off.

An eyewitness who heard gunshots after 10:30pm, told Joy News, he came out to find the pastor lying prone. He had two gunshot wound in his back.

"I used my phone light to take a look at him and he looked dead". When the witness tried to lift him, he found the body soaked in blood.

He said he found four pellets when police team came to the crime scene.

Residents also say a driver was shot and his car snatched in another attack. The driver had a bullet lodged in his spine and later died at the hospital.

A headmaster of Vicar Trust was shot in broad daylight Wednesday afternoon by two men on a motorbike.

He survived the attack but lost an unspecified amount of money to his attackers.

This attack rounds off five attacks in four days at Sampa Valley, a community near Weija.

Residents expressed dissatisfaction about the police response to the daily attacks.

"We are not safe at all…I even had to destroy my backyard plantain farm because the place is dark in the night," a resident told Joy News' Komla Adom.

"It was a very beautiful farm but in the night the place is dark and they could hide inside and do all sorts of bad things," she said.

They demanded a crackdown in the area similar to efforts in Accra last March.

The Police announced increased patrols after a string of daylight armed robbers in Accra and Tema shocked the conscience of the nation.

The Defence Ministry joined in offering soldiers in an operation to put boots on the ground.

At the home of the slain pastor, family braces for a flow of church members shocked at the tragedy.