The Executive Director for Africa Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA) has urged the rank and file of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) not to compromise the party’s interest for personal gain.

Dr Rashid Dramani says such a development has the potential to cause the party another election defeat in 2024.

He said Ghanaians are watching and judging the decisions being taken by the NDC, especially those on Parliament’s Appointments Committee and so if they take any action that does not augur well with the citizenry, it would have consequences.

“If they break their ranks and allow parochial interests — some personal interests to drive the kind of decisions that they make, they might as well forget the next election,” he said.

“But that is going to be dependent a lot on how they conduct themselves in parliament with the current mandate that is given to them,” he added.

The ACEPA boss said the NDC “is supposed to be a government in waiting and hoping that in four years’ time, Ghanaians will give them their mandate” hence the need to use the waiting period to strategise and plan for election 2024.

According to Dr Dramani, this should be enough motivation to enable the party to conduct itself in a manner that would inform the public that the party is ready and equipped to win power and take back the reins of government.

He added, however, that recent occurrences within the camp of the NDC are too loud and disturbing.

Additionally, Dr Dramani said the inconsistencies within the party “… might be an issue with people compromising in their credibility, moral authority and so on…once you compromise, you lose everything that you have in terms of demanding accountability or oversight from another person.”

His statement comes after a consensual approval of Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Minister nominee despite some NDC members of the Committee raising concerns during his vetting.

Dr Dramani said, “there are a number of minister’s that did not deserve to be approved” however, that should not be the reason the party looses favour in the sight of Ghanaians.