The situation on the Weija-Kasoa ridge, a once beautiful place to live, which was later declared danger zone for human settlement has been worsened by the recent rains.

The base of the ridge has weakened due to constant human activities over a period of time. 

Apart from the area marked as an earthquake-prone zone, the mudslides that occur any time its rained shows how dangerous the place has become.

Currently, over 6000 inhabitants are living on the ridge despite the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stern warning to them to relocate.

In an interview with the Ga South Municipal Engineer, Daniel Sowah, he warned that residents are sitting on a time bomb with their continues stay on the ridge.

According to him, there is a proposed plan to reclaim the land.

Mr. Sowah said the silt from the ridge which blocks the Accra-Kasoa road any time it rains has been taken care of.

He disclosed they have partnered with the Park and Gardens to plant ornamental trees after reclamation to bring back the lost natural ambience of the ridge.