The Ghana Police Service has asked the Coalition of Farmers Rights and Advocacy Against GMOs (COFAM) to postpone its intended demonstration on Independence Day, March 6, 2014, against the introduction of genetically modified organisms.

According to the police, it has already assigned officers to participate in the Independence Day celebrations and thus will not have enough men to offer protection to the demonstrators.

But in an interview with CitiNews, a member of the group, Ernesto Yeboah who confirmed receipt of the police request said the protest will go on as planned.

He noted that March 6, is a holiday and that is the time workers interested in the subject matter of genetically modified foods can join the march.

Ernesto Yeboah also the Deputy Communications Director of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) added that, they have notified the police as required by law therefore, it cannot infringe on their fundamental human rights.

“The police has no right to prevent us from embarking on our demonstration. This is a peaceful and democratic country and the police should know their limit,” he stressed.

Ernesto Yeboah indicated that the decision to demonstrate on 57th Independent Day of Ghana is to draw attention to the implications of genetically modified organisms on public health and the economy.

He challenged Parliamentarians currently considering the Plant Breeders’ Bill to educate their constituents about the positive and the negative effects of GMOs before passing the bill.