An Accra Fast Track Court (FTC) has revoked a bail bond earlier granted General Constable Ebenezer Owusu, who is alleged to have shot and killed a 28-year-old man and wounded a police officer at the Ho Regional Residency in 2008.

The court, presided over by Justice Mustapha Habib Logoh withdrew the bail condition Friday, when the accused person was committed to stand trial at the court and further rejecting a plea for bail sought by his lawyers.

According to the court, the current charges brought against General Constable Owusu has changed drastically and therefore ordered that he should be remanded into prison custody to reappear on March 10, 2014.

General Constable Owusu after the incident was arrested in 2011 to face a service enquiry and was granted bail on November 27, 2013.

The accused person is currently on trial by a seven-member jury on the charges of manslaughter and murder.

His plea had not yet been taken by the court.

Seeking for bail to be granted the accused person, Mr. Kwabena Ankamah Offei-Badu assured the court that his client would not escape when granted bail.

According to him, his client was served with a bill of indictment over four months ago and therefore knew the charges brought against him by the state.

This, notwithstanding, counsel told the court that his client was prepared to face trial.

In opposing the request for bail to the accused person, the chief state attorney, Rexford Anthony Wiredu argued that General Constable Owusu, once, committed to stand trial, knew of the consequences and severity of the offence.

According to the chief state attorney, in accordance with Section 93 of the Criminal Code, bail is not allowed in felonies for which the accused person is being prosecuted.

Mr. Wiredu further argued that the court is mandated by the law not to grant bail in cases of murder as spelt out by the Criminal Code.

Presenting the brief facts of the case before the court, chief state attorney, Mr. Wiredu said General Constable Owusu was stationed at Volta Regional capital, Ho.

on June 2, 2008, he was detailed together with one General constable John Ofori Ankamah on guard duty at the Regional residency, when Mr. Kofi Dzamesi was then the regional minister.

While on duty at about 9pm, Daniel Dzikunu Agbale (deceased) came to the regional minister's residence, the court heard.

Daniel had come to see the minister, who had assisted him through driving school in 2007.

At the time of his visit, the accused person had gone to see off his girlfriend and was not allowed into the residency, by the second guard, the chief state attorney told the court.

Daniel then forced his way into the residency and reported to Superintendent T.T. Nartey, now deceased, who escorted him to see the regional minister.

On hearing the incident on his return, the accused person, fully armed, followed up into the residency and opened fire on them killing Daniel instantly and severely injuring the police officer, superintendent T.T. Nartey, who was taken away to the Ho General hospital and later airlifted to the 37 Military Hospital died on June 5, 2008.