The two Chinese nationals arrested for trafficking seven Vietnamese women into Ghana are being processed for court, Director of the anti-human trafficking unit of the Police Service, Patience Quaye, has stated.

Hwan Se Hui, 49, and his accomplice are said to be part of an international ring of human traffickers and were arrested by the police in their base in Takoradi, Wednesday.

The suspects promised to send the Vietnamese women to work in a factory in the US but rather brought them to Takoradi, Ghana, where they worked as prostitutes for several months.

According to Patience Quaye, the activities of the traffickers were tracked from November last year and with the collaborative effort of Tiger Eye, the investigative group led by Crusading Guide's Anas Aremeyaw Anas, together with the Vietnamese, UK and US Embassies, the suspects were picked up Wednesday.

According to her, Interpol initially informed them about some Vietnamese women being trafficked to an unknown destination and alerted them to be on the lookout.

She said after tracking some contact numbers provided by Interpol they realised the women had been trafficked into Ghana and so they had to alert all stakeholders to support them in arresting the traffickers.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas said even though they found the whereabouts of the traffickers and the victims, they had to investigate further to get concrete evidence that would facilitate the prosecution of the suspects.

For instance, he explained, they, among other things, had to get the evidence of payment to the trafficker as well as his modus operandi.

After thorough investigation, Aremeyaw Anas said they had evidence that patrons who slept with the victims paid an amount of $100, per hour and part of that money went to the trafficker.

Even though he was happy that the team was finally able to arrest the suspects and rescue the victims, he was alarmed at the level of sophistication by the traffickers.

Patience Quaye said the suspects will quickly be prosecuted in Ghana and if found guilty would be jailed right here in Ghana.

The victims will then be taken through some counseling session by the Gender Ministry, before they will be returned to Vietnam.