Rescuing the homosexual from himself

Opening Statement

The logic that drives the legitimacy of homosexuality is the same logic that drives the legitimacy of dictatorship. It is this: that a man is master over his body’s means of pleasure as the dictator is master over his nation’s desires. But because we know what becomes the end of the dictator with this thinking, it is enough to conclude the end of the homosexual. His logic is wrong, the dictator is not master of his nation, he is an imposter to his nation.

Isn’t it weird that ‘advanced’ countries that would call for the hanging of the dictator, are those that embrace homosexuality? The gay is to be left to abuse his members and membranes but the dictator is denied the sadistic pleasure to inflict pain on his own people.

The homosexual man is the last dictator to be ousted from the power over his own self. He murders cells annihilates tissues, oppresses defenceless bodily instruments, he lays ambush against his own sexuality and prefers to stab from behind than a brave embrace of friends facing each other. He is a coward like all dictators because he runs away through the backdoors of his own castle.

I deny him that fatal assumption that he is master of his own body as much as the world denied Idi Amin mastery over his own country. No. A man, – for that matter the gay – is not master, indeed he is a servant to his body and a dictator is really a servant who has rebelled against his masters- the people. They are both rebels.

Is man master over his body?

A common attribute of a servant is that he is easily dispensable. A slave is not irreplaceable. When he incurs the wrath of a king it can mean death. Yet is the eye irreplaceable? Who when he is angry can cut off his tongue or severe his fingers? Is a man’s arms and feet naturally replaceable? Who lends his heart to another and walks off a better man?. Every man dies before his heart is transplanted.

Any part that is easily replaced is indeed a servant. A man’s body parts are not replaceable. A man’s body is not the servant of the man. On this basis and on the principle of indispensability, a man’s body is his master not his servant.

But I have more reasons than one: call this second reason, wishful thinking. Beggars, slaves ,servants and the poor have many wishes. They say, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. It is the quality of slaves and servants. Every slave has a wish but faces a reality. A servant’s wishes and preferences are immaterial to his master. Indeed his master can bid him to sleep against his wish. This is just how a man’s body is. It can fail him against his own wishes.

How many die against their wish because their sick heart will not let him live any longer? Have we not heard of how in a lightening instant, a heart attack can seize a man’s life against his wish and on his blind side? Or his diseased body ignores his desperate attempt to prolong his days? The poor state of his body parts superimpose the certainty of death on him. It is simply wishful thinking for this man to prefer life whiles his body straps him unto his deathbed.

If he ever gets his wish, we call it a miracle. Even without a transcendent view, this proud man is not even master over his death, his body is actually the instrument for his death. This is why when a people cannot dislodge a dictator, they leave him alone. When all rebellion fails, the rebellion of his body, led by his age will succeed. So we hand over the dictator to himself when we cannot hand him over to ourselves and let his own body do the irreversible rebellion- death. It is his own palace coup.

The unseen master?

So really, a man is not master of his body. He is a servant to it. But here is the missing link to the jig-saw; oftimes power is in the shadows not the limelight. There are strings that pull the people who have power. Most powerful men are borrowed powerful men. There is usually someone behind, someone often unseen and unheard off. They are called power brokers. A politician’s pompous public pride is oftimes nothing but a pitful private loan. He is loaned that power by brokers.

That is exactly what is happening to the homosexual’s body. His feigned mastery of his desires is borrowed on the counter of his body’s silence. It is a loan and he will pay with interest. This is what is actually happening when the body is silently enduring the homosexual.

Let me explain using this scenario. A child makes noise or shouts when he is trying to kill an insect say an ant for the first time. He is in a hurry to kill it. He tries to prove he can kill it although he may harbour some initial fears.

But an adult ignores the insect completely not because he is powerless but because he is too powerful to take this insect seriously. He could kill it any time as long as he sees it and hence it is utterly needless for him to prove himself. His silence is the insect’s salvation.

Real power is hardly in need of proof. To prove his power over the insect can even be unfair. For which normal 40 year old man has to prove he can kill an ant?

This is exactly how the very earth we walk over treats us. This huge globe has outlasted every human being yet a year old baby can spit on it for free. It silently carries more than 7 billion of us presently, despite the years of abuse and degradation by simply ignoring us as an adult ignores an insect. This is exactly the idea I think Jesus meant when he walked silently to the slaughter though legions of angel were at his beck and call.

It is because like the earth ignoring the baby, like the adult ignoring the insect, like Jesus ignoring the dirty slaps of his persecutors, they all knew something the homosexual man and the dictator does not know; That those who are in a hurry to prove powerful are really powerless.

We spit on the earth, dictatorial soldiers spat on Jesus and the homosexual ‘spits’ the wrong way and the earth watches silently, the Lamb of God watches silently and the homosexual’s body watches silently. They are the powerful masters enduring present abuse – even with a cheeky chuckle because the earth knows that every man will in death kiss and embrace it. The Lamb of God knows he will surely judge with a scepter of righteousness. And so will the body revolt against this man of perverted pleasure when it becomes sick and tired as doctors in the field have proven.

Man is not master over his body. He is a loud-mouthed servant and his body is a dumb master just bidding his time.