Residents in the Adansi Asokwa and Fomena constituencies in the Ashanti region are unhappy with the worrying manner in which social interventions that were introduced by the NPP are gradually collapsing under the NDC administration of President Mills.

They expressed these sentiments when the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo took his listening campaign to both constituencies, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Agyemang, a resident of Adokwai in the Fomena constituency could not hide his frustration when he interacted with Nana Addo to share his concerns with him.

He said, “Nana, there are a lot of children in this village who do not go to school and the few ones in school also do not have school uniforms. And yet we keep hearing that government is distributing free school uniforms to school children and we wonder which children at all they are giving the uniforms to.”

Kofi in Kusa bemoaned how the only school building in the community is gradually collapsing, making it difficult for the school children to remain in the classrooms when it rains.

At Akrokere zongo, Alhassan confessed that the NDC will no longer enjoy any monopoly in the zongo communities in Ghana because they have compared both the NPP and NDC and realised that the NPP is the party that can help make life better for them.

At Bobrase, Kyei said “Nana all we need here is electricity, water and good roads. The NPP demonstrated during their time that they have the people at heart and that is why they introduced all the social interventions. Today, the NHIS and School Feeding Programme are collapsing under the watch of President Mills.”

Gyeke, an opinion leader in Brofoedru, noted that the NPP did a lot for their community in terms of infrastructural projects and social interventions and the School Feeding Programme was a real support for mothers but since coming to power, the NDC have abandoned all the development projects started by the NPP whilst at the same time collapsing the social interventions.

He remarked that “Nana you are surely coming back to power in 2012 because the NDC government has showed that it has no clue how to develop our country and we will surely vote them out next year. We have all the confidence in Nana Addo and the NPP and we know that when you come back in 2013 you will deliver us a real better Ghana and not this hoax of a better Ghana that the NDC deceived everybody with.”

Atta, a resident of Dompoase said he could not understand why the NDC government is finding it difficult to sustain the National Youth Employment Programme “which until 2009 was our source of livelihood. We will vote for the NPP next year because they have showed that they can do the job.”

Nana Addo has been touring the Ashanti region with his listening campaign since Sunday. He has since been to New Edubiase, Obuasi, Adansi Asokwa and Fomena.

Source: NPP Headquarters


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