Mass hysteria is sweeping through the East Ada community of Dzetrokorpe after the unannounced death of a known ritual killer circulated in town sparking rumours of human sacrifice to bid him farewell.

Most people are afraid to go out of their rooms especially at night, a resident who pleaded anonymity, told the Ghana News Agency.

A local opinion leader who also pleaded anonymity, said, “A known ritual killer is dead and his people have to perform rituals as part of his burial and funeral rites and so they have refused to announce the death of the person.”

According him,” This Friday, it is believed that every ritual will have to be performed.

Please, everyone who stays around Tetsonya, Gorm and Angornya should watch their movements well. Dont walk alone.”

The headman of the area, Mr. Nukpese told the GNA on phone that “it is true that someone is dead and will be buried this Friday but as to whether he was part of a human sacrifice group, I can’t tell. You know, these rumours are not new and some of them turn out to be true while others too are mere lies so we the individuals are to be careful”.

What heightened suspicion among the residents was the fact stranger persons were in town, lurking in bushes and less used paths, beckoning children and lone commuters.

“One was in the bush and called a girl of about 10 years to come which doesn’t happen normally here so the little girl ran to the house to informed her parents but they took it as a child’s joke. But last Saturday, a little boy was beckoned on the same path and the child ran to tell his parents. We have been hearing that the dead man is in that group and they have to bury him with human heads.”

The headman also confirmed that his investigations proved that the guy have been calling children as was told but asked the GNA to rubbish the claims of human sacrifice because it is just a rumour.