The family of Black Stars defender, Hans Adu Sarpei is gearing up for a legal tussle against publishers of calendars on players of the Black Stars with false information about them and their families. The family will also take on people who lie about their relations with the players.

Latest among the numerous calendars in circulation contains the pictures of the players with luxurious mansions purported to be their recent acquisitions.

Also published are pictures of different women alleged to be biological mothers of the players.

Unfortunately, the calendars do not bear the addresses of the publishers and names of the women purported to be mothers of the players, leaving many to wonder about the authenticity of the information they provide.

Sarpei’s family seem undeterred about the difficulties in locating the publishers and the person whose picture has appeared on one of the recent publications as Sarpei’s mother.

Consequently, his father, Samuel Sarpei of A1 Manet Ville of Spintex Road, East-Airport has authorized a cousin based in Ghana, Alhaji Shomi Williams to institute legal action against the publishers and the woman.

The letter signed by Sarpei’s father, currently based in Germany with the player’s mother, Mrs Victoria Sarpei, ordered the cousin to sue the publishers for the false information about his son and the woman for impersonation.

Speaking to the Times Sports, Alhaji Shomi said the family had remained silent over previous editions but regard the latest one which has somebody impersonating as a serious one hence the move.

According to him, Mrs Victoria Osei has lived in Germany for ages and was very surprise on seeing the picture of her son’s alleged mother and the mansion he has acquired.

Source: The Ghanaian Times


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