A security analyst has questioned the Electoral Commission (EC) on why it allowed political party observers to record details of registrants in the just ended voter registration exercise.

Colonel Festus Aboagye said the role of party observers was to ensure fairness at registration centres, therefore, allowing them to record details of registrants is unacceptable.

“Why did we get ourselves to this point in time; that during the registration exercise, the EC allowed political parties to set up shops at the province where the registration was taking place?

“And for them to be collecting voter IDs and logging the names and numbers, is that part of the law?,” he asked Monday on the Super Morning Show.

His comments come after the Vice National Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chief Sofo Azorka urged some members of the NDC to “finish off” persons seen to be recording names of registrants in any book.

“They are not Electoral Commission,” Mr Azorka said.

But his comments were condemned by the retired colonel who believes such utterances are likely to incite violence in the country.

Colonel Aboagye also criticised what he said was the negligence of the EC in the matter.

“They as observers had the right to observe the process [but] does the law allow them to actually record voter registration numbers? To enable those parties I believe to now compile a book which now instigates another party to say that look, we’re not going to accept this and if you find anybody you finish them off,” he said.

Col. Aboagye further cautioned against hate speech as it is likely to incite violence, a condition he described as unacceptable in a democracy.

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