Security analyst Colonel Festus Aboagye (Rtd) says some Ghanaians are susceptible to violence which has resulted in the increase in the number of flashpoints identified ahead of the December polls.

According to him, the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development’s pre-election survey indicated that “one in 5 Ghanaians were very comfortable with the incident of violence”.

This he said is the reason behind the police’s preparedness to curb the issue of violence during the election.

“There are underlying reasons why this violence is going on. A certain number of Ghanaians are prone to violence and that is what the police preparedness is seeking to address.”

Mr Aboagye’s contribution comes on the heels of the 6,178 flashpoints identified by the IGP, James Oppong-Boanuh on Wednesday.

Mr Oppong-Boanuh said the flashpoints were decided based on a number of factors including “incidents recorded in previous elections, this year’s voters’ registration exercise, and crime rates and other factors relating to those centres.”

Prior to the polls, Ghana has witnessed various other incidents of political violence.

On October 22, supporters of the NPP and the NDC clashed at the Odododiodio Constituency during a health walk.

Speaking in an interview on JoyFM, the Security analyst noted that the number of flashpoints identified by Mr Oppong-Boanu is very worrying and should not be acceptable in a democratic society.

“Any figure or value that is more than zero should be very concerning. There should be no violence as a democratic society and to the extent that we have over 6000 areas that we need to be mindful of.”

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