The People's National Convention (PNC) has cautioned its officers and members to stop interfering in "sensitive diplomatic issues and disputes" that could affect the country's foreign relations.

The party in a statement Thursday said needless diplomatic comments could also undermine efforts by its 2016 presidential candidate and Ghana's Ambassador-at-Large Dr Edward Mahama to resolve some issues in the sub-region.

The warning comes three days after PNC National Chairman Bernard Mornah reportedly called for the immediate expulsion of Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Ami Mehl over comments against the country's UN-Jerusalem vote.

Ghana joined other 120 countries to vote against US president Donald Trump's decision, recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

PNC National Treasurer, Akane Adams

The action displeased Mr Mehl who said the Embassy "regrets the mistaken vote of Ghana against the State of Israel during the Special United Nations General Assembly sitting on Thursday, 21 December 2017."

But Mr Mornah found the Ambassador's comment very disrespectful, describing it as the "greatest insult that an individual can level on a sovereign nation like Ghana."

"I think that it undermines our collective intelligence, it undermines our president's capacity to take decisions on behalf of the people of Ghana," he said of Mr Mehl.

But PNC's National Treasure and Vice Chairman Henry Asante said the party is unhappy with the posturing of its members in key diplomatic matters.

"These observations have been raised by senior party executives and others within who have expressed various concerns and caution against some party executives and members from meddling and interfering in sensitive diplomatic issues," the statement said.

The two PNC officers said the party did not sanctioned Mr Mornah's call for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana over "his latest outburst."

"We recognise the sensitive nature of this matter and we advice all members to be circumspect in their pronouncements and public conduct," the statement concluded.