‘You’ll need it’: Huawei hands out power banks to queuing iPhone fans

‘You’ll need it’: Huawei hands out power banks to queuing iPhone fans
Source: androidauthority.com
Date: 21-09-2018 Time: 01:09:59:pm

It seems like every iPhone launch is accompanied by ham-fisted reactionary marketing from an Android brand. 

Now, it’s Huawei‘s turn to jump on the bandwagon with the iPhone XS launch.

The Chinese manufacturer handed out over 200 power banks to fans waiting overnight for the iPhone XS to launch in Singapore, according to CNET. 

These weren’t your cheap 4,000mAh chargers either, as the power banks weighed in at 10,000mAhs.

“Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei,” read the front of the power bank’s packaging. 

Apple’s devices have been criticized for battery life before, and they generally have much smaller batteries than their Android counterparts.

The company told CNET that it handed out the power banks to “offer respite from the weather and gruelling wait.”

Huawei also drove a van near an Apple Store in London as part of another promotional stunt. 

A Huawei-branded van near the Regent Street Apple Store.

The van, offering fruit juice and charging stations, contained “no traces of Apple.”

The promotional tactics come just a few weeks before Huawei unveils its Mate 20 series. 

The company’s latest phablet will have the new Kirin 980 chipset and is also expected to include a triple-camera setup on the rear.

The Mate series has traditionally offered a large, 4,000mAh battery, but it seems like the Mate 20 series will up the ante with a 4,200mAh pack. 



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