There are no clean countries. That’s my opinion and I am sure you are very politely disagreeing with me right now.  

But hear me out first.  You see, I am yet to discover or read about a country or city that was created clean by the Almighty God.  However, I have many stories to share today about Countries that are CLEANED UP and they have made it their culture to constantly clean up.  

Ghana is now trying to embark on this journey of cleanliness. And oh, we are trying to achieve this, with our obsession with freedom and the usual political blackmail from voters.  

I will dare say, that there are interesting times ahead. 

Tune in tonight, as I lay down the full consequences of even thinking about cleaning ‘our happy home’ Ghana.  Can we afford the price of neatness?

My name is Nana Ansah Kwao IV and I say "asem seb3". 

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