The Chief Policy Analyst at the Ghana Institute of Public Policy Options has called on the Akuffo-Addo administration to scrap the position of minister of state at the national security.

Dr Charles Wereko-Brobby said there’s no place for a minister of state at the national security, and described it as an illegal, unconstitutional body.

He said the organization was reminiscent of erstwhile nefarious security organizations under the authoritarian regimes of Kwame Nkrumah and Jerry John Rawlings, thus called for it to be disbanded immediately.

He said, “Apart from the minister of national security, there is the Minister of Interior who mainly deals with the police. There’s the minister of defense who looks after the armed forces. What do you need a minister of state at the national security?”

He stated that the activities of the national security operatives have largely been nefarious even culminating into the violence at the Ayawasao West Wuogon bye-election , thus justifying reasons for its disbandment.

“For me if we are to be honest, I call that minister, the minister for national operatives, that illegal body that operates essentially at the seat of government, what they call National Security Operatives, which has got no meaning or definition in the constitution of this country; which is why the Short commission said specifically it should be disbanded because it is not known to Ghana. These are people who are under the direct command of the head of state.

“I mean when I was young, I can think of Kwame Nkrumah’s presidential guard who used to live directly opposite the flagstaff house. They were a separate entity from the army, from the police, from all the recognized bodies.

“I can think of Jerry John’s 64th regiment etc. at least Jerry John was smart enough to incorporate his personal security into the armed forces of this country. But this notion of national security operatives, the nebulous, illegal body which has no place in our constitution is unfortunate,” he said.