Former WBO Super Bantamweight champion Isaac Dogboe says a third showdown against Emmanuel Navarrete is a possibility despite two losses to the Mexican.

Dogboe’s two professional career defeats have come against Navarrete in back to back fights, the first of which culminated in the Ghanaian losing the WBO Super bantamweight strap in 2018.

Both Dogboe and Navarrete have since moved up in weight. The Mexican relinquished the super bantamweight strap and moved up to featherweight after four title defenses while Dogboe has had two fights in the division. The Ghanaian currently holds the North American Boxing Federation Featherweight title.

With the Ghanaian making no secret of his ambition to become a two time world champion and with Navarrete currently holding the WBO featherweight title, the two men are likely to cross paths for the third time.

Speaking on the Joy Sports Link on Joy 99.7 Fm, Dogboe said the defeats against Navarrete was painful but it was a learning curve. He added that although his Mexican nemesis is not his focus at the moment he knows a third fight is very possible because they both operate in the same division.

“Navarrete is the only fighter that has beaten me in my boxing career. It doesn’t offend me even though it is painful. It’s the nature of the business.”

“Navarrete and I are in the same division. There’s a possibility we could fight again. I don’t know when but it may happen. If it happens I know where I went wrong. I know the things that went wrong and I know the team I’m working with right now. They know my strength and my weaknesses . We’ve weighed Navarrete but he isn’t my main focus.”

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