Artiste Mzbel, born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, says female musicians who choose to show more skin should do it well.

She wants them to present their nudes with style as artists do to sculptures.

“Present it as a sculpture because people don’t have a problem buying naked sculptures to furnish their homes and offices,” she told Mamavi Aboagye on the Cosmopolitan Mix, Tuesday.

Wearing stockings, shaving the legs, choosing the best outfit, putting on good but not excess makeup (also on legs when necessary), are some of the things she said would help female acts brush up when they want to show more skin.

We love Nicki Minaj, Cardi B,  Beyoncé, Ciara and others because their style, makeup and everything else are on point. So, it’s hard for people to call them out for any mistake in their dressing,” Mzbel added. 

She revealed she would have done things differently if she had this knowledge when she was young.

Sista Afia, the late Ebony, Wendy Shay and Eno Barony are few of the Ghanaian acts that have been criticised heavily for their choices in clothing.

Many people have suggested their wardrobes are a negative influence on young girls.

Responding to these criticisms, Mzbel disclosed that although she was called out for her choice of outfits, paying heed was not her priority because she earned money from her lifestyle. 

The ’16 Years’ hitmaker said that without proper branding, she chose to go with the flow and ended up making many mistakes that hurt her and her career.

“If I could go back, I would do things differently. But I don’t regret it. Those mistakes give me the opportunity to advise the younger ones on what to do right and what not to do,” she added.

Watch the interview below: 

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