The Elephants Are Going Home To Roost! You see, there is an adage which goes that when you see your friend’s beard on fire, you get water security for your own. But as naive as the NPP and their leaders are, they made so much noise about the resignations that rocked the NDC when Obed Asamoah and co left the NDC citing intimidation and intolerance as their reasons.

They went to the extent of labelling the NDC as violent and undemocratic. But look, what these short-sighted NPP members and their leaders forget is that all political parties in the world have human beings as followers and these human beings have feelings and are very unpredictable.

They behaved like their party is made up of ANGELS only. They arrogantly portray themselves as “HOLIER THAN THOU” by referring to the NDC as a violent and undemocratic party.

Take note that ALAN (who polled more votes than the votes of the Vice President, Hackman, Apraku, Osafo Maafo and all the rest put together, except Akufo-Addo’s) and his supporters are citing the same reasons (intimidation and intolerance in the NPP) that Obed Asamoah and his group cited for leaving the NDC.

So which party is indeed violent and undemocratic? We still remember what happened at the infamous Legon Congress when the Congress had to be brought to a halt for sometime due to some “confusion” where cameras were seized from a journalist from one of the TV stations.

Let’s get more serious on this issue. The handwriting has been on the wall for sometime now, even before the Congress, to the effect that resignations and breaking-aways could happen in the NPP before the DEC 2008 elections. For this reason, political watchers and even members of the NPP proposed early congress so that there could be enough time to heal cracks and absorb shocks which was clearly going to happen after the Congress.

However, these short-sighted, naive and arrogant party officials threw caution to the wind and said their party is a democratic one and so no one will resign from the party as if to mean the NPP is made up of angels who will forever be long-suffering. “We are holier”, they seem to believe. But the fact is that the NDC is far ahead of the NPP.

They have travelled a long tiring road and they have become wise men. So they went for Congress much earlier so they could have enough time to heal their wounds and patch up their cracks, if they should happen and they happened too.

But the NPP arrogantly thought that they are holier and more democratic and so there was no need to worry about going for early congress. This is why the NDC is indisputably ahead of the NPP.


So after all the pot must not call the kettle “black”. But don’t forget that you labelled the NDC as undemocratic and violent because Obed Asamoah and his Group said they were being intimidated in the NDC. So, do you also expect others to label you as undemocratic and violent because Alan Cash and his Group are saying you are intimidating them? Ghanaians are the better judges. Please tell Nana Ohene Ntow and the other party officials with OVERBLOATED EGO (Akufo-Addo and Gabby Asare Okyere-Darko are included) that they are not after all “holier than thou”. Surely, the elephants are going home to roost. If you dispute it then ask Kufuor.

Credit: ISRAEL, University of Cape Coast


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