Deputy Defense Minister, Major (Rtd) Derrick Oduro has said Ghanaians have shown that they hate MP, even though they voted them into power to serve the nation.

His comments come after some Ghanaians express disagreement with assigning 200 security personnel to MPs.

“You rise against MPs like we are from Afghanistan as if we are from Congo River basin who have been brought here to serve the nation.

“Meanwhile you voted for us, you are supposed to love us, get us closer to you, but you hate parliamentarians,” he said.

He also accused the media of inciting the public against MPs over the decision to assign bodyguards to the legislators.

 “And it is partly because some of you the media incite the general public against us, we must be frank,” he stated.

A lot of Ghanaians have criticised assigning security personnel to legislators with some arguing that it may affect the nation’s security.

According to critics, the country is currently in need of more security personnel to curb crime ahead of the December election.

But the Deputy Defense Minister, information from the Interior Minister indicates that the request would not affect the country’s security in any way.

“The interior minister is saying that yes, they have enough police people to provide security for MPs and provide security for the whole nation.”

“How many MPs do you want to be killed before we ask for personal security for MPs, I don’t think you are happy that our brother Ekow Quansah has been killed or you are shedding crocodile tears,” he questioned.