The National Identification Authority has scheduled Saturday, March 21as the day for the general public to collect their National Identification Cards.

The NIA in 2008 started registering the citizenry as a way to get the data of the citizens.

However not every citizen who registered for the issuance of the NIA card has received his or her card.

Speaking on ‘My Banner’ on the ‘AM Show’ on the Joy News channel on Multi TV, Head of Corporate Affairs at the NIA, Bertha Dzebleh said “we started the mass distribution in 2011 and we covered seven out of the twelve zones that we had in the Greater Accra Region. Last year, we did some distributions again. We clustered centers and put cars there for a period of time and we moved on to some other parts of the region”.

The National Identification card, according to a law passed by the law making body, the Parliament of Ghana “is the card that should be used in every transaction that requires identification”.

Mrs. Dzebleh further said “we picked a feedback from the general public that they do not have the time on week days to come for their cards. So we are going another mile for the public that, Saturdays, we will get our staff to sit in. Come and pick up your cards at your convenience because we know you do not go to work on Saturdays”.

She emphasized, anyone who registered for the NIA cards can go for their cards from the Headquarters of the NIA near the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange from 9 am to 2 pm.

The NIA is still registering people who are yet to register for the NIA cards.