A Zimbabwean union leader who was thought to have been abducted is alive and well, reports say.

Peter Magombeyi had organised a series of strikes over poor pay and working conditions in recent weeks.

On Saturday, he sent a message alleging he had been kidnapped, which resulted in hundreds of doctors marching through the capital Harare.

But a doctor told the BBC that he had been left near the capital and is fine but disorientated.

zim union leader
Dr. Magombeyi said he had received threatening calls and messages

After Dr. Magombeyi, the acting president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), went missing, doctors staged walkouts.

Some chanted "no Peter, no work" and "bring back Peter" during protests while wearing their white lab coats. They vowed not to return to work until the union leader was found.

Shortly before he disappeared, Dr Magombeyi told AFP news agency he had received threatening calls and messages on his phone.

A government spokesman said the authorities had "no reason" to abduct Zimbabweans.

A fellow doctor has now said that Dr Magombeyi was left in a bush just outside the capital. It is not clear what happened to him.

The authorities have suggested the abduction was staged.

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has meant doctors' salaries have shrunk to just $100 (£80) a month. Many cannot afford to get to work as it costs around $80 to fill up a car with petrol.