Ten needy but brilliant students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have been awarded the S.T Nankani Scholarship at a short presentation ceremony.  

The beneficiaries were Turkson Joshua Nsiah, Gozah Emmanuel, Gyimah Derek Amoako, Agyemang Frimpong kwaku and Eshun Dorcas.

The rest are Appau Assor Roselyn, Alhassan Napari Patrick, Sombuor T. Millicent, Ivy Kangah and Asuenabisa Maxwell.

The scheme which covers second-year students of KNUST who are pursuing full-time programmes in the Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering have benefitted over 120 students since its inception in 2003.

The S. T. Nankani Scholarship Scheme was instituted on the wish of the late S. T. Nankani, then Chairman of the Nankani and Hagan Group of Companies.

Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Dr. Essel Ben Hagan, noted that the key objective of the Scheme is to further the education and encourage gender and regional diversity of Ghanaian students at the KNUST.

He disclosed that this year, out of 40 applicants, they 24 were shortlisted and 10 were selected.  

10 Students benefit from S.T Nankani scholarship scheme
Dr Essel Ben Hagan, Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Dr Hagan expressed the Board’s excitement that the scholarship scheme has remained beneficial to a number of needy meritorious students to pursue their tertiary education.

Presenting cheques to the awardees, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Fred Akuffo, said for about 15 years, the Scheme through the University has supported a lot of students and would appeal to management to track and monitor the academic performance of the beneficiaries of the scheme.

This he said would enable the Board to gain an insight into the lives of the beneficiaries after graduation.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Rita Akosua Dickson, on behalf of management expressed her appreciation to the Scheme for continuously supporting needy students.

10 Students benefit from S.T Nankani scholarship scheme
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Rita Akosua Dickson

Professor Dickson further said as a public university with a student population of about 55,000 and the ever-increasing nature of student enrolment, there are bound to be a high number of students with financial needs.

She, therefore, used the occasion to appeal to the Board of Trustees to increase the amount disbursed as well as the number of beneficiaries in subsequent years.

The Scheme is administered by a Board of Trustees, with Prof. Martha Tamakloe as Board Chairman.

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