InstinctWave, Africa’s premium B2B event company has announced the 5th edition of the Ghana Finance Innovation Awards; scheduled to hold at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra, on 19th October, 2019.

Now in its fifth year, GFIA rewards success, product innovations and various experts contributing to the robust financial sector. The award is to showcase the efforts of financial firms, leading CFOs, finance executives, teams and their efforts towards sustainability in organisations that cut across all sectors.

The finance industry is a dynamic sector with immense impact on Ghana’s Economy. GFIA will recognize leading finance experts, teams and top finance organizations whose outstanding leadership and practices have raised the standards of accountability within the profession, showcased brilliancy in managing organizations’ wealth as well as promoting economic growth.

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Ghana Finance Innovation Awards, Top 20 Finance Leaders will be unveiled and celebrated alongside Top 10 CFOs. This will be a compilation of the most outstanding finance CEOs within the private & public sector, as well as CFOs ( Chief Finance Officers) who have displayed exceptional leadership in their organizations and commitment to the growth of Ghana’s economy.

Instinct Wave; CEO, Mr. Akin Naphtal expressed his excitement about the 5th anniversary of the awards scheme.  “We have evolved over the years, just like the finance sector keeps evolving in Ghana.  We cannot underestimate the role of the financial sector and its importance to national development; we are excited to honour and celebrate with organizations at the forefront of promoting economic growth and lifting the veil on individuals and firms that have contributed immensely to the sector.”

We believe that this will inspire a new generation of robust work ethics, industry leaders and desired processes in the finance sector.” He added.

The 5th Ghana Finance Innovation Awards night will provide an exceptional opportunity for stakeholders in the finance sector to network, entertain clients, reinforce relationships with partners and reward staff with exceptional performance. All finance players are invited to take part in the event.                           


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