“Mama what did you bring back from your journey?” These are the words every child asked in expectation of snacks or toys while growing up.

For some of us, we used our pocket money intended for meals at school to buy these snacks every single day.

The highest point for most of us getting these snacks as a reward, kept us on the lookout for the next task we can complete perfectly.

Read on to see the seven irresistible Ghanaian snacks every child loved while growing up.

Plantain chips and Kelewele

7 snacks everyone loved while growing7 snacks everyone loved while growing

Both are made from fried plantain of different textures. While the chips are made of slightly unripe or slightly ripe plantain, Kelewele is made of very ripe ones marinated in spices. No one ever says no to these two power snacks. Whether in the day or late at night, you would love the taste of the crispy fried chips or soft kelewele sold mostly at night.

Abele Wall

7 snacks everyone loved while growing

This is what I refer to as Ghanaian popsicles. They were more common back in the day and sold in particular houses or ‘provision stores’. The popsicles always came in their frozen creamy glory out of a cup where they are frozen to take the shape of. If you never ate any of these, I wonder what you were snacking on.

Alewa (Black and White)

7 snacks everyone loved while growing

 Made from sugar and food colour, these goodies were to ‘die’ for. They come in different flavours and colours which stained your teeth and tongue after savouring. That was one major reason kids loved to eat more and more of them.


7 snacks everyone loved while growing

These are made plainly from peanuts with a mixture of flour and sugar. The addictive taste of these makes them an alternative to chips. 

Condensed Milk Toffee

7 snacks everyone loved while growing

This is made by heating condensed milk in a pan under high heat. Usually sold for as little as 10p, the sweet is a good reward for obedient children and anyone with a very taste for goodies.

Nkatie Cake

7 snacks everyone loved while growing

This is made from crushed peanut and caramel (a mixture of water and sugar put on the fire to get a brown shade to form a tablet. These are divided into sections and enjoyed by everyone. Everyone definitely has had a taste of nkatie cake while growing.