The Manageress for the University of Cape Coast (UCC) branch of ADB Bank, Jane Hammond, has died after the Cape Coast Teaching Tospital (CCTH) reportedly refused to admit her due to a lack of beds.

The patient was initially taken to the Doctors in Service Clinic (DIS) at Cape Coast on Monday morning but was referred to the CCTH for treatment.

Speaking on behalf of the CCTH, Freddie Ankah said, “the hospital received a call from a facility that they were bringing in a patient and the in-charge at the A&E told the person to hold on because we have had accident cases and the A&E was full and so they should hold on and contain the situation while we try and prepare a space for the patient.”

However, the nurses from DIS proceeded to take the patient to the CCTH anyway, and upon arrival, were turned away.

Speaking to JoyNews, one of the nurses who accompanied the patient said, “The doctor in charge came and said we called earlier and the nurse said there was no bed so why then did we come. And then he still informed us that since there’s no bed we have to take our patient back.”

After being given this instruction, the nurses along with the patient, begun their return journey all the while attempting to revive the patient through resuscitation but to no avail.

The CCTH has said that they cannot be held responsible for the death of Jane Hammond but have appointed a committee to investigate her death.

The committee has been given two weeks to look into the matter and submit a report alongside some recommendations to prevent happenings of this nature from recurring.

Nonetheless, the staff of ADB Bank will be referring the matter to their legal team as according to them, there is a retainership agreement between the bank and the hospital leaving them displeased that their patient was not even identified.

Jane Hammond’s death has left her colleagues and family members perplexed as what they presumed was a simple visit to a hospital turned into something more tragic.