The International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly and is observed on 16 June every year.

The Agricultural Development Bank PLC(ADB) was the first bank in Ghana to introduce remittance services to the Ghanaian public.

In 1995, ADB became the sole agent for Western Union in Africa with all other banks and agencies like Global Access and Ghana Post acting us sub-agents.

The bank enjoyed the exclusive right till 2009 when in its effort to serve its customers with other remittance services came into an agreement with Western Union to allow other interested parties to become agents.

With over 87 branches nationwide, customers in peri-urban areas are able to receive money from their loved ones abroad.

So with ADB remittance services, customers in areas like Juaboso, Tumu, Wa, Kpassa are able to receive money from their loved ones abroad without having to travel to the capital city.

The bank is currently in partnership with top leading remittance agencies across the world, with the aim of providing secure, convenient and reliable service to its customers.

Western Union International

Western Union is the leading money transfer organization across the globe. This makes the bank one of the leader in the remittances business in the country.


MoneyGram is currently the second leading worldwide remittances. As usual ADB has been a key partner of the operators of this product since 2009, thus establishing an enviable relationship with them. Currently ADB is among the leading providers of this service. 

The bank is the sole partner for Moneygram’s flagship product, Cash-to-Account, where transactions are automatically deposited into customers account directly.

 Ria Money

Ria is the third largest worldwide remittance company in the World. Its mission is to be the most progressive money transfer company in the world, offering service excellence and the most competitive and reliable remittance payment services to its customers.

Ria is also committed to best-in-class business relationships with its global agent and correspondent network, based on the principles of mutual respect, fairness and generally accepted business practices. The bank has been in relationship with the operators of Ria for over the past ten years.

Additional Products:

In addition to the above products, ADB is also in partnership with various MTOs to operate the following remittances services

  1. Transfast Money Transfer
  2. UnityLink Money transfer
  3. Zeepay


In ensuring that the remittance services are available throughout the country, ADB has collaborated with one of the organisations in the country with the widest network, Ghana Post Company Ltd, to provide these services at their over 150 post offices across the country. This has lessen the burden of those who hitherto needed to travel to the city centers to redeem their remittances sent to them by loved ones.

ADB currently offers Remittance Services in all its 87 locations nationwide with 26 of its branches offering weekend services and six branches namely Accra New Town , Ring Road Central, Abeka Lapaz, Madina , Kasoa and Nungua branches opened to the public on holidays for remittance services.