Ahobreasehene does not fit John Mahama- PPP

The Progressive People’s Party has dared ruling National Democratic Congress’ faithful over the “Ahobreasehene” compliment being accorded President John Dramani Mahama, describing the President as unfit for the title.

The PPP said late President John Atta Mills lived and demonstrated peace to deserve the accolade Asomdwehene, his predecessor however comes nowhere near him, let alone earning him the title Ahobreasehene or the “humble man”.

“The point is that, President John Mahama is a direct opposite of the late President Atta Mills. They are two different entities. One of them, the late President Mills demonstrated his humility practically and earned the title, “Asomdweehene”. The two individuals are not the same. “Ahobreasehene” does not fit John Mahama,” PPP stated in a release issued on Friday.

NDC delegates congregated at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi on Thursday and gave President Mahama an unprecedented 99.5% endorsement to officially lead the party into elections 2012 in December.

But the PPP sees the move as wrong one depicting “a mere embellishment of a weak vehicle”.

“Without mincing words, we believe that the nomination of H.E. John Mahama and the obvious endorsement by NDC delegates was a bad move for the NDC party and the state, knowing that H.E. John Mahama has failed to live up to the attributes of a leader who is visionary, conscientious, incorruptible and credible. The opposite of these attributes are his portion,” it said.

It held the view that “President Mahama has tried to will youth on himself and even at a time we had not buried our late President, something that led many to begin questioning his hurriedness to become President. We hear many NDC folks argue that they have a youthful flagbearer who they consider as energetic and strength. It may true that he is energetic and strong in some aspects of human enterprise but not in political governance. Youthful exuberance is not analogous to astuteness or competence”.

“The truth is, today’s President John Mahama has always been the acting president since 2009 because at the time when they assumed power in 2009, late President John Mills ceded almost every salient aspect of governance to President John Mahama for reasons best known them. President Mahama even admitted in his tribute to the late President Mills that he was grateful to him for having given him so much responsibility which allowed him to chair key sectors of government to steer affairs of this country. President John Mahama has always been in Charge of this regime. Now the question is: was he not heading the Police Council when security issues in the country went into disarray? Was he not the one who saw to the collapse of Ghana’s economy which contributed to the reduction in the still struggling value of the Cedi when he was the head of economic management team? Was he not the same person going around commissioning uncompleted projects which the NDC unashamedly claims credit for? Was it not the same John Mahama who championed the bad STX Korea Housing deal tainted with all manner of allegations of wrongdoing? Is he not the intolerant one who used the word “baloney” to try to wish away critics of STX? Is this not the same Mahama who called religious, political and civic leaders “useless” for making suggestions about the burial of our late President? Where is the “Ahobrase”? PPP inquired.