A second-year student of Akatsi Senior High Technical School in the Volta region died during a lecture last Thursday in what is believed to be a relapse of epilepsy.

Hilda Terkpor, a Home Economics student is reported to have been battling epilepsy for some time now.

According to a source who pleaded anonymity, the 16- year-old girl who fell sick again on Thursday morning later told her friends she was fine.

"Later in the day at about 1300 hours, when we were in class, Hilda placed her head on the desk for quite a long time, so one of our Mathematics teachers who happened to be present asked us to wake her up, only for us to realise she was not breathing. Also, she had foamed from her mouth’, the source said.

The teacher with the help of some students and the senior housemaster rushed Miss Terkpor in one of the school buses to the Akatsi District Hospital for treatment, where she was pronounced dead by the medical authorities at the facility.

Some of the students complained about the school's lack an infirmary to take care of first Aid cases on Campus.

"It is high time our authorities treated the infirmary issue with urgency just like they treat issues with regards to schools not having teachers. Hilda could have been alive if she was given the necessary treatment on time’, one of the students lamented.

Workers at the hospital were reluctant to comment, claiming they were junior Officers and were therefore not competent to speak to what might have happened to the student. 

The contacted officer, however, gave the assurance that the hospital will speak about the issue after an autopsy.

Hilda Terkpor according to sources would be laid to rest on Tuesday, December 5.