The President is set to address business leaders from the UK and Ghana at the upcoming 2nd UK-Ghana Investment Summit in London.

The address is expected to capture the President’s vision for Ghana beyond aid, touching on key areas such as industrialization and infrastructure for the development of railways and precious minerals, and their impact on the private sector and business partnerships.

Scheduled for April  17 to 20, 2018, the summit forms part of planned activities for the upcoming UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) London week celebration being organized by the Chamber. 

Aimed at promoting Ghana as a destination for businesses, the seminar is designed to create networking and partnership opportunities between Ghanaian and British business leaders.

The CEO of UKGCC, Mr Tony Burkson said “the President's vision for a Ghana Beyond Aid is one that has captured the minds of many companies and investors in the UK.

The expectation is that the President will use his keynote to elaborate on what role he expects the private sector and the investor community to play in this vision”.

According to him, “the President will also meet with senior business executives in the UK who have expressed interest in investing in Ghana”.

He added that “the stellar performance of the Ghanaian economy in the last year, particularly the stabilization of the macro-environment makes Ghana a top destination for investors looking for yield.

It is my hope that Ghana will use the UK-Ghana Investment Summit and other events happening during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to show why it is the best place for any investor looking to deploy capital in Africa”.

A delegation comprising of senior government officials and top Ghanaian business executives, led by the UKGCC, are expected to be present at the meeting.

The government officials on this delegation will have the opportunity to bring to the fore government’s vision for Ghana in terms of development.