The Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei, says the Commission spent within its budget but was unable to tell the cost involved in the ongoing branding of the Electoral Commission (EC).

Charlotte Osei, "People have to understand that we work within a budget. The EC is independent but it's also subjected to laws so we go through an audit. We are audited by the Auditor General and they make sure we go through the right process, due process we've spent within budget. We don't just have unlimited funds," she emphasized.

The EC unveiled a new logo and website during the launch of the Commission's Five-Year Strategic plan ahead of this year's elections.

The logo before it was officially launched on Tuesday has already generated a lot of controversies. Some have condemned it and said it was a plagiarized logo of a Turkish educational institution.

But speaking at the launch, Charlotte Osei said the Commission did not open up an invitation for people to send samples of logos because the logo of the institution has to represent something.

"We went through a process in terms of developing the brand and what we wanted the brand to stand for. We engaged internally, we made inquiries, we had people bring and we selected as a Commission," she indicated.

The Commission also unveiled a new website, to make its work more accessible to the general public.

Charlotte Osei said, "Honestly, I don't know. I would have to check with my Director of Finance and get back to you," she noted.

She, however, added that the branding is ongoing as the Commission is yet to do the signage.

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