The Police have started investigations into circumstances that led to the gruesome murder of an ECG prepaid vendor at Awoshie, a suburb of Accra.

Victoria Aikins Mensah, 53, was in her shop when she was accosted by two robbers demanding for money.

Her delay in granting their request led to her being shot in the head.

Two of the attendants who were with her at the time of the incident were made to lie face down before she was shot in the head.

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Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba visited the area and spoke to the deceased husband who said he met her in a pool of blood.

According to Ignatius Aikins Mensah one of the robbers – the first to arrive at the shop – engaged his wife in a friendly conversation.

Moments after, the second robber rode in on a motorbike, and then both started demanding money.

“They were asking ‘where is the money, where is the money?” Ignatius narrated.

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The plea for patience by the deceased while the money was gathered for them, was ignored by the robbers.

After demanding the money twice, “he pointed the gun to my wife’s forehead and shot her,” he added.

The robbers then took the money and rode off.

Family of the deceased wants the government to ban the use of motorbikes.

Maxwell said shop owners in the area have resorted to closing earlier than usual out of fear of being attacked.