Bolt, a leader in the ride-hailing industry in Africa, has raised the bar in the market with the launch of ‘Bolt Comfort’ service category explicitly designed for riders seeking more relaxation and ease.

Selection of drivers into the ‘Bolt Comfort’ category is based on the three criteria of good ratings, are in possession of a vehicle with an engine capacity of 1.5 l and above, in addition to this, drivers will go through an assessment test.

Bolt recognises the need to tailor services to meet the lifestyles and needs of every segment of the market and thus our decision to create this luxury service category which offers more comfortability to our customers” says Nonso Onwuzulike, Bolt’s Country Manager for Ghana.

According to him, ‘Bolt Comfort’ answers the needs of the segment of customers who have more spending power giving them enough reason to park their vehicles and hail a ride on ‘Bolt Comfort’ for their inner-city errands and trips.

Bolt expands category with the launch of 'Bolt comfort'
Nonso Onwuzulike – Bolt Ghana Manager

“Bolt Comfort offers 5-star service and all vehicles operating on the platform will have enough legroom for our passengers to be able to spread out and relax whilst onboard and the biggest differentiator in this service category is the fact that all vehicles on ‘Bolt Comfort’ will have their air-conditioners turned on at all times unless passengers request otherwise” Onwuzulike adds.   

In spite of the extra luxury the new service offers to passengers, fairs have been competitively priced to ensure that passengers get the best value for their money.

A trip on ‘Bolt Comfort’ will cost just around ¢0.88 per kilometre or an equivalent of ¢0.38 per minute. 

With this new service offering, Bolt is solidifying its claim to the leadership position in the ride-hailing market in Ghana.

For more information riders and drivers can follow Facebook and Twitter pages @Boltapp-gh

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