David Kotei Nikoi, Bolt Country Director

Bolt; the leading ride-hailing platform, has announced the appointment of David Kotei Nikoi as its new Country Manager to spearhead its operations in Ghana.

Prior to his appointment, David served as Head of Supply Chain at mPharma Ghana, where he helped drive improved access to affordable medication by Pharmacies and Hospitals.

Commenting on his new appointment, David Kotei said, “I am excited to join Bolt Ghana due to its unique company culture and value proposition of seeking to make people’s lives and cities better.

“These values make Bolt the company of choice for our riders and drivers, so we can solve their transportation and entrepreneurship needs respectively”.

On his part, Uche Okafor, Bolt’s Regional Manager for West Africa, said, “David’s experience, focus and leadership style will help develop our business and drive growth in Ghana.

“He brings tremendous insight from previous engagements managing operations and customer relationships which is key in helping our drivers and riders leverage our technology for maximum impact”.

Mr Kotei Nikoi brings over a decade of experience to Bolt, having worked with world-class companies such as Fanmilk PLC, Guinness Ghana PLC, Unilever, Transmed and MPharma in various capacities across Quality Assurance, Sales and Supply Chain.

At mPharma he played a vital role with the rollout of Covid-19 testing across various health facilities.

He is passionate about building and developing high performing teams with excellent strategic thinking, knowledge, team spirit and professional skills.

Mr Kotei Nikoi holds a BSc in Biological Sciences from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Kumasi. He is married and is a proud father.

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