The Chiefs of Agortime-Afegame in the Agortime-Ziope Constituency have accused some persons from the National Security of intimidation and harassment in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

The Chiefs at a press conference at Afegame on Thursday said National Security men have invaded the district causing fear and panic among residents.

The Paramount Chief of the area, Nene Manhumansro XIV alleged that the said security men attacked two of his kinsmen at gunpoint.

According to him, he had sent them to welcome the soldiers at the border.

Though the chiefs were received nicely by the soldiers, the National Security officers had instead harassed and threatened to shoot one of the chiefs.

“But the response they received from the security men wasn’t pleasant at all. So in the course of that there were exchange of words and before they could say jack, one of the security operatives pulled a gun from his car to shoot one of my senior chiefs who is our Agotadowa.

“In fact, they came back and reported to me that this was what happened and we were shocked.”

Nene Manhumansro also alleged that many residents have been unlawfully prevented from registering on suspicion of being Togolese.

“Our siblings, our friends, my subjects who have residence in the community, they have farms or farmhouses all over they are also prevented or some of them are presented from coming to register.

“And this is not proper. They are part and parcel of us. Whatever development is supposed to go on here they must be part of it,” he said.

The Chief cautioned that they would be forced to protect themselves should the situation persist.

“We don’t have guns but any other way that we can use to protect ourselves we can use it,” he said.