Singer Chris Brown has started a community service order in the US as punishment for assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna.

Dressed in an orange work vest, the 20-year-old helped clear weeds and rubbish from police horse stables.

He waved at fans who gathered to watch him work, according to reports by the Associated Press.

He was sentenced last month after pleading guilty to assault and will serve six months community service.

It is understood the singer will perform different types of manual labour over the next 180 days, but police will not reveal the location of the work in an effort to avoid security problems.

Brown must pay for extra guards while he carries out the community service.

Police spokesman Gene Lepley is asking “for the co-operation of the public and Chris’s fans so that he is able to satisfy the work requirements”.

In recent years, celebrities including Naomi Campbell and Boy George have carried out community service orders in the US.

Source: BBC