The Public Affairs Director of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Col. Mba’Wine Atintande, has lauded as an example of excellent modern journalism.

The Public Affairs Directorate of the Army, Col. Atintande said, will seek to rival Ghana’s most comprehensive news portal for its aggressive pursuit of fostering a frank, open, transparent dealings with the public.

The PRO made these comments during a visit to the offices of at the Trust Towers, Wednesday.

He said he was particularly impressed with the elaborate checks mechanisms put in place to ensure stories are adequately cross-checked and verified before they are published.

A trained journalist, Col. Atintande, said the biggest challenge facing his outfit was the publication of unconfirmed, unchecked rumours, sometimes completely fabricated stories, saying that had the tendency to undermine efforts of the security agencies to be as open as possible.

While the military was determined to open its doors and demystify their operations, the sensitive nature of information and the dire consequences emanating from mishandling of information relating to the military and security of the state, made it extremely important for newsmen to exercise restraint and double-check stories before publishing.

He reassured the media of his availability at all times to answer questions on the military.

In furtherance of this, the Public Affairs Directorate of the military hinted his outfit was in the process of building a functional and dynamic website from where the public and particularly the media can access any information they may need about the military. He hopes to build a website that will rival, in terms of popularity.

The gap between the army and the civilian population must be bridged and the media are critical in this enterprise, he noted, emphasizing the need for mutual trust to be harnessed and enhanced between service men and civilians.

Receiving Col. Atintande, who was accompanied by the PRO of the Sunyani Garrison, Lt. Nana Amponsah, the Editor of, Mr Isaac Yeboah, said, a business unit of the Multimedia Group, was open to criticism and suggestions.

“We don’t assume that we know better than our readers and therefore take issues for granted,” he said.

He also pledged the readiness of Myjoyonline to support the efforts to build a dynamic website for the GAF.

Mr. Ken Ashigbey, Chief Operating Officer of Multi TV, and Nana Elegba, Human Resource & Corporate Affairs Manager at Multimedia, pointed out that new media, as a business and way of life, has come to stay and commended the Col. Atintande and his team for responding appropriately.

Story by Malik Abass Daabu/


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