Proprietors of private schools have been urged to check their teachers against the use of the cane on pupils.

Mr. Kwaku Amoah-Tutu, Assistant Nkoranza District Director of Education in charge of Inspectorate, speaking at the opening of a three-day in service training for about 150 private school teachers in the district, he reminded them that corporal punishment remained banned by the Ghana Education Service.

The workshop, organized by the District Directorate of Education is aimed at equipping the participants with new teaching methodologies to enable them deliver satisfactorily.

Mr. Amoah-Tutu asked private schools to comply with the approved syllabus of the new educational reforms programme to be abreast with the national educational policy.

He advised the proprietors to encourage and motivate their teachers to produce their best.

Mr. Philip Asante, District Education Co-ordinator in charge of Private Schools, advised the heads to ensure a congenial environment in their institutions.

They should also ensure that vehicles were not over-loaded during excursions and field trips and to serve the pupils and students with balanced diet for their steady growth and development.

Mr. S.B.O. Josephson, Chairman of the District Association of Private Schools, commended the Directorate for organising the workshop for the development of private schools in the area.

Source: GNA


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