A Circuit Court in Accra on Wednesday remanded into prison custody a 25-year-old security man for allegedly defiling a three year old pupil.

August Nartey who was charged with defilement pleaded not guilty.

He is to reappear on November 13.

Prosecuting Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) George Abavelim told the court, presided over by Mrs. Georgina Mensah-Datsa that the complainant was the victim’s mother.

Prosecution said the accused person who lives at La in Accra, works with Kent House Company.

On October 9, this year, accused was on duty at one of the MTN Tower Posts, which incidentally has been erected in the premises of the victim’s school.

When the school closed that day, the complainant did not pick the victim early hence she was left alone at the school.

Prosecution said when the complainant went to pick the victim at school she (complainant) saw the victim playing while the accused was seated and after exchanging greetings took the victim home.

When the complainant was bathing the victim that evening, the complainant found the victim screaming any time her vagina was touched.

Prosecution said when the complainant interrogated her she disclosed that it was the accused who defiled her.

The complainant took the victim to the hospital for examination and reported the matter to the Police who in turn arrested Nartey.

Source: GNA


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