The Director of Public Affairs of the Electoral Commission, Mr Samuel Yorke Aidoo has revealed that some EC officials have been threatened with death and mayhem by political party fanatics.

Mr Aidoo said field officers of the EC are also being physically and verbally assaulted by members of the political parties.

He was addressing the 4th Biennial General Congress of the Senior Staff Association of EC at Takoradi.

Mr Aidoo, who is the outgoing chairman of the association said: “Nobody questions anybody and the perpetrators go free, while our officers live in perpetual fear.”

He said there are numerous instances when district officers were either beaten or chased out of their districts by unscrupulous political fanatics and anarchists.

He called on the EC to put in place adequate measures to protect field officers and bring such criminal offenders to book.

Mr. Aidoo also urged political parties to educate their followers to desist from such irresponsible behaviour because that does not help the country in anyway.

He said democracy did not mean democratizing lawlessness and recklessness but rather democratising lawfulness and responsible exercise of the power of the citizen.

Mr. Aidoo said: “The Senior Staff of the Commission would not sit down unconcerned if such acts continue, especially as the 2008 election approaches”.

He said the 2008 elections is “Not a do and die affair nor an artillery war but would be a contest in which the better side will win.”

Mr Aidoo said the electoral laws and the laws of the country have not changed and anybody who has any problem whatsoever with any aspect of the electoral system should draw the attention of the EC to it without any hesitation.

He said: “It is not helpful to condemn an election as rigged more than one year before it is organized and when we are in a position to resolve any difficulties before the time”.

Source: GNA